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Strategic Plan

Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

When the Bowls Canada Board determined in the fall of 2013 that a new strategic direction was required, we envisioned creating a comprehensive, relevant guiding document that would be co-created by the Board, staff and key stakeholders, with a goal of increasing trust among members. In the process, we identified opportunities, created meaningful solutions to recognized challenges and renewed our commitment to a shared vision, mission and values statement. The process was designed to be as inclusive as possible, while respecting the timelines and budget for Bowls Canada. An online membership survey gathered input from over 500 individual bowlers across Canada in February 2014.  A Strategic Planning Summit was held in March 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, where thirty participants came together to use the survey results and their own expertise to lay a foundation for the future direction of the organization.  The Summit participants were representative of various organizations from across the country including provincial bowls organizations, local club developers, champions of long-term athlete development, officials, coaches, social bowlers, competitive bowlers, as well as high performance athletes, innovators, strategic planning and sport experts, communications specialists and marketing professionals.  The strategic plan writing committee used the work generated at the Summit to create this plan which was approved by the Bowls Canada Board in July 2014 and shared at the 2014 Bowls Canada Annual General Meeting. The Bowls Canada Board is committed to keeping our membership updated on our progress as we work together to implement and achieve the goals and objectives outlined in this plan.


Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, vision and values provide Bowls Canada with a foundation to identify key strategies to leverage the opportunities and to minimize the risks that stand in the way of us doing so. The strategic planning process gave us the platform to renew our commitment to our mission, vision and values and to refine these statements so that they accurately reflect the work of Bowls Canada as one of Canada’s National Sport Organizations.


Bowls Canada is the national organization whose mission is to advance the sport of bowls in Canada.


Bowls without barriers.


Bowls Canada believes in values that inspire confidence in our decisions and reflect a shared commitment and passion for growing the game of bowls. Here is our call to A.C.T.I.O.N.:


2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an important tool used by Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) to guide decisions and determine priorities.  Download a copy of BCB’s current strategic plan.