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Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Crystal Mark 3rd Edition, 2015

The latest rules sanctioned for use in Canada and Internationally, both Indoor and Outdoor.   A handy pocket sized edition for your bowls bag. A must for all players.


1-49: $8.00 each plus shipping costs
50 and Over: $7.50 plus shipping costs


The Lawn Bowlers Handbook

Bowler's Handbook

This updated version focuses on everything a new bowler needs to know for a successful start in the sport of bowls.  Content includes an explanation of essential rules and game formats, an illustrated overview of the basic delivery, and examples of the most commonly used hand signals.  The guidelines for game etiquette and summary of common terminology are sure to help newcomers feel ready for action. Available in a soft-cover format that is 25 pages in length, this “5 ½ x 8 ½” inch booklet easily tucks into your bowls bag for easy access on the greens.  The Bowler’s Handbook is an invaluable resource for both those new to the game and for those looking for a quick and portable reference guide. 


1-50: $3.50 each plus shipping costs,
51 and over: $3.00 each plus shipping costs


Lawn Bowls Promotional Brochure

This double sided, three panel colourful brochure promotes bowls as a sport that is dynamic and easily accessible. The message invites readers to visit their local club and experience an activity that is easy to learn and lots of fun.  At the back of the brochure there is a spot for individual clubs to add their contact information.  The brochures can be ordered in both official languages and are available free of charge for Canadian Provincial Bowls Associations and their member clubs. 


Bowling Green Management and Maintenance

Bowling Green Management and Maintenance by Lloyd Woods

A vital ingredient in a good game of bowls lies in the quality of the surface. Greens keeping is as much an art as it is a science. This manual is written by long-time greens keeper and National Greens Advisor, Lloyd Woods. His objective in writing the manual was to convey some of the "science" in layman’s terms and to expose the reader to maintenance techniques and procedures which have proven to be effective.


The manual is 60 pages of information covering topics such as:

- greens construction,

- soil structure, 

- mowing, 

- de-thatching, 

- fertilizing, 

- disease, weeds and other problems 

- leveling, 

- rink play, 

- equipment maintenance 

- preparing for a special event


It also includes a detailed maintenance schedule that covers the entire season.


Price: $10.00 each plus shipping costs


A Complete Guide to Starting A Lawn Bowls Club

A Complete Guide to Starting A Lawn Bowls Club

This is a comprehensive guide for any group interested in developing a lawn bowls club in their community or for groups interested in refurbishing their existing facilities. The manual gives an overview of the game and how it is played, and goes on to explain the technical aspects of constructing a natural turf lawn bowling green, installing drainage, irrigation and lighting systems and addresses club house design and construction. is hopeful that the manual will provide the technical information needed for cities, municipalities and communities to foster and promote the sport of bowls. 


Price: $10.00 each plus shipping costs


"Yes, I'm in Love with Lawn Bowling" by On-Kow Au

"Yes, I'm in Love with Lawn Bowling" by On-Kow Au

This book contains:     *Over 20 champion bowlers sharing their experiences     *Many bowling tips     *A lot of funny stories on the green     *A pocketful of comic drawings


Table of Contents:

- The Sport of a life TIme

- Natural? or Practice Makes Perfect?

- Fire or Draw and the Strategy Involved

- Does Personality Matter?

- The Test of a True Sportsperson - Singles


- You Are Not Alone - Team Playing

- The Art of Partnership

- In All Weathers

- The Lighter Side of Lawn Bowling

- The Essence of Winning


Price: $18.00 each plus shipping costs




Shot Spotter

Shot Spotter

"Use the Shot Spotter to scan the head during play." Shot Spotters can be used at any time during the course of any end


Price: $5.00 each plus shipping

Tossing Coins

Tossing Coins

Start your game off in style with these limited edition tossing coins.


Price: $5.00 each plus shipping



DVD's / Videos

Lawn Bowling- The Sport for Life (Volumes 1 and 2)

Lawn Bowling- The Sport for Life (Volumes 1 and 2)

These coaching DVDs on lawn bowling are a production of Bowls BC.


Volume 1 is broken down into four sections;

1. Basic Knowledge of Lawn Bowling,

2. Outdoor Bowling,

3. Various Skills & Strategies,

4. Top Canadian Bowlers In Action


Volume 2 provides more information on how to play the game by explaining the rules and etiquette.  Features demonstrations on each of the formats of play (Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours) as well as clips of games being played


Price: $10.00 per DVD ($20.00 for Vol 1 & 2) plus shipping


Bowls Canada Promotional Video

Bowls Canada Promotional Video

This is a short 8 minute video


Price: $5.00 each plus shipping costs

Pins and Decals

Bowls Canada Pin

Bowls Canada Pin

Show off the brand new Bowls Canada logo with this redesigned pin.


Price: $3.50 each plus shipping costs

Perfect End Pin

Perfect End Pin

Did you just bowl a perfect end?  Celebrate with a Perfect End pin. 

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Price: $5.00 each (includes shipping)

Bowls Buddy & I’m a New Bowler Buttons

Bowls Buddy & I’m a New Bowler Buttons

Show off that your new to the game by wearing one of these I’m A New Bowler buttons.  Also available are Bowls Buddy buttons.  Great for friends and groups new to the sport.


Price: $1.00 each plus shipping