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Canada, U.S. tied at continental Challenge

Vancouver, B.C. | September 30th, 2016

With the pairs and triples competition complete Team Canada and Team USA are all tied up going into the second half of the North American Challenge. 


The greens were running a speedy 16 seconds at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club today.

On the Women’s side, strong play for the triples teams. The score did not reflect the quality of bowls for Canada Folkins team, Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong (Winnpeg, MB), Baylee van Steijn (Gores Landing, ON) and Jaymee Sidel (Victoria, BC).  In the last end of one game, Canada Folkins were lying two for the win with one American bowl left.  US Folkins skip, Margi Rambo, played an outstanding shot to move the jack out of the head and towards three US bowls to take the game.  Fitzpatrick-Wong’s play provided strong leadership for youngsters van Steijn and Sidel. 

“Shirley’s play here is exactly where she needs to be for the upcoming World Bowls Championships,” said Manager Jean Roney. “Her play here on the faster surface definitely bodes well for New Zealand”.


Jordan Kos (Regina, SK) and Pricilla Westlake (Delta, BC) competing as Women’s pairs Folkins, played accurately and confidently throughout the competition.  Despite their young age, Kos and Westlake, displayed calm and focus in a come from behind win. 


For the Women’s triples Jarvis team, Jenny Siu (Burnaby, BC), Nicole LeBlanc (Uxbridge, ON) and Joanna Cooper (Calgary, AB) came out of the first half of competition with one win and two losses.  “I am playing second in the fours, and I feel good going into it,’ said Nicole Leblanc.  “It will be a fresh start and I will put any bad bowls in the past.”


On the men’s side, strong front end play by Men’s Folkins Triples team of Rob Law (Winnipeg, MB), Pat Bird (Calgary, AB) and Darryl Fitzgerald (Kitchener, ON).  It is critical in two bowl triples, to have a strong front end and Law delivered throughout the competition.  Team chemistry has been excellent with Bird’s leadership and Fitzgerald’s steady play as skip.  The team implemented a strategy of playing “t” to “t”, which they worked on during training camp and just kept getting better and better through out the day. 

“I'm feeling optimistic going into the fours,” said Law, Team Canada Folkins. “I'm playing lead as well heading into fours, so it will not be much of an adjustment for me.” 


Men’s Jarvis team of Steve and Adam McKerihen, came out strong in their second game.  After 16 ends, they were down 12-14 before picking up four in the 17 end to be two heading home.  Lying two for the win, after Adam’s bowls, U.S. skip Charlie Herbert (U.S. Folkins) drove the jack back into the ditch to lie one.  With McKerihen’s accurate spacing of his bowls he made the shot next to impossible leaving Canada lying two for the win.


“Steve McKerihen made great shots under pressure.  This is exactly what we are going to need at World Bowls and McKerihen is showing us he is ready,” said Don Caswell, Men’s Team Manager.

In the Men’s (Jarvis) Triples team, Steven Santana (North Vancouver, BC), Kody Olthof (Delhi, ON) and Lucas Caldwell (Peterborough, ON) came down to the wire in their first match. Team USA (Jarvis) was up three coming home and Olthof trailed the jack to the ditch to sit two. The skip of Team USA, on his last bowl drew the ditch to lie one.  Santana’s last bowl pushed the American’s bowl to trickle into the ditch, which lead Team USA to the victory 14-15 over Team Canada.   

Going into the second half of the competition, it now switches over to singles and fours.

Women’s Team

Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong
Folkins – Fours

Joanna Cooper
Jarvis- Singles  

Jordan Kos
Folkins - Fours      

Nicole LeBlanc
Jarvis - Fours    

Jaymee Sidel
Folkins - Fours   

Sue Roth – substitute – Jean Roney
Jarvis- Fours     

Baylee Van Steijn
Folkins - Fours  

Jenny Siu
Jarvis - Fours     

Pricilla Westlake
Folkins - Singles   

Stirling Wood
Jarvis- Fours   

Men’s Team

Pat Bird
Folkins - Singles    

Lucas Caldwell
Jarvis- Fours    

Darryl Fitzgerald
Folkins - Fours   

Adam McKerihen
Jarvis- Fours    

Owen Kirby
Folkins - Fours     

Steve McKerihen
Jarvis - Fours    

Rob Law
Folkins - Fours   

Kody Olthof
Jarvis- Singles  

Chris Stadnyk
Folkins - Fours  

Steven Santana
Jarvis- Fours   

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