About Bowls 

The basic principle of lawn bowling — aiming balls at a target — is the oldest known sport to mankind. As early as 5200 BC, graphical representations show human figures participating in the activity of tossing a ball or polished stones. Although lawn bowling has progressed tremendously over the years, the basis for the sport derives from its beginnings in ancient Egypt. Lawn bowling, also referred to as “bowls” or “bowling on the green” is a sport of accuracy and precision.

The International Bowling Board, now known as World Bowls, was formed in 1905 and lawn bowling has been contested at all Commonwealth Games except Kingston in 1966.

How to Play 

Canadian bowlers will compete in four able-bodied events at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham: singles, where each player delivers four bowls; pairs, where teams of two compete against one another and each player delivers three bowls; triples where teams of three compete against one another and each player delivers two bowls, and fours where teams of four compete against each other and each player delivers two bowls.  Teams always compete over a predetermined number of “ends”, except for Singles where players play up to a score of 21. 

Lawn bowling is played on a 37- to 40-metre-square and perfectly flat section of grass called a “green”. A green is divided into multiple sections called rinks. Generally, rinks are between 5.5 and 5.8 metres wide. 

Play begins with the first player laying the mat and, while standing on it, rolling a small white target ball, known as the “jack”, up the green where the ‘’skip” (or in singles, the “marker”) centres it. During the delivery of each bowl, a player must have one foot in contact with, or fully over the mat. The first player begins the match with a bowl, which is followed by a bowl of a player on the opposing team and play continues back and forth until both teams have rolled the appropriate number of bowls. The goal of the game is to roll as many bowls as close as possible to the jack. When the last bowl has been rolled, the players determine whose bowls are closest to the jack. One point is awarded for every bowl that is closer to the jack than the opponent’s closest bowl. The score is entered onto the scorecard. 

Considering that the jack is moveable, the bowls are biased, and no two greens are the same, lawn bowling is a complex target sport involving multiple offensive and defensive strategies.


About the Commonwealth Games


The 2022 Games are hosted in Birmingham, UK. More specifically, the Royal Leamington Spa’s Victoria Park will play host to the Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls events. 


The Commonwealth Games will start on July 29th and will end August 7th, 2022.

Number of Events 

Team Canada will compete in 8 able bodied event including singles, pairs, triples, and fours for both women and men Lawn Bowls events. 

The National Team

Women’s Team Men’s Team
Leanne Chinery — Triples, Fours Rob Law — Triples, Fours
Jackie Foster — Fours, Pairs Cameron Lefresne — Triples, Fours
Jennifer MacDonald — Triples, Fours Greg Wilson — Triples, Fours 
Jordan Kos — Singles, Pairs  Ryan Bester — Singles, Pairs
Kelly McKerihen — Triples,  Fours John Bezear — Pairs, Fours


Date Events
July 29th  Women’s Singles (Round 1 & 2), Men’s Pairs (Round 1 & 2), Men’s Triples (Round 1 & 2), Women’s Fours (Round 1 & 2) 
July 30th  Women’s Singles (Round 3 & 4), Men’s Pairs (Round 3 & 4), Men’s Triples (3 & 4), Women’s Four’s (Round 3)
July 31st Women’s Singles (Round 5), Women’s Singles (Quarter Finals), Men’s Pairs (Round 5), Men’s Pairs (Quarter Finals), Men’s Triples (Quarter Finals), Women’s Fours (Quarter Finals)
August 1st Women’s Single (Semi Finals, Medal Matches & Medal Ceremony), Men’s Pairs (Semi Finals), Men’s Triples (Semi Final, Medal Matches & Medal Ceremony), Women’s Fours (Semi Finals)
August 2nd  Men’s Singles (Round 1),  Women’s Pairs (Round 1), Men’s Pairs (Medal Matches), Women’s Triples (Round 1 & 2), Women’s Fours (Medal Match & Medal Ceremony), Men’s Fours (Round 1)
August 3rd  Men’s Singles (Round 2 & 3), Women’s Pairs (Round 2 & 3), Women’s Triples (Round 3 & 4), Men’s Fours (Round 2 & 3)
August 4th  Men’s Singles (Round 4 & 5), Women’s Pairs (Round 4 & 5), Women’s Triples (Round 5), Women’s Triples (Quarter Finals), Men’s Fours (Round 4 & 5)
August 5th  Men’s Singles (Quarter Finals) Women’s Pairs (Quarter Finals & Semi Finals), Women’s Triples (Semi Finals, Medal Matches & Medal Ceremony), Men’s Fours (Quarter Finals & Semi Finals)
August 6th  Men’s Singles (Semi Finals, Medal Matches & Medal Ceremony), Women’s Pairs (Medal Matches & Medal Ceremony), Men’s Fours (Medal Matches & Medal Ceremony)


Women’s Disciplines

Women’s Singles – Final Scores

Jordan Kos 

Women’s Pairs – Final Scores 

Jordan Kos & Leanne Chiner

Women’s Triples – Final Scores 

Kelly McKerihen , Jennifer MacDonald &  Leanne Chinery

Women’s Fours – Final Scores

Kelly McKerihen , Jennifer MacDonald, Jackie Foster & Leanne Chinery

Men’s Disciplines

Men’s Singles – Final Scores 

Ryan Bester 

Men’s Pairs – Final Scores

Ryan Bester & John Bezear

Men’s Triples – Final Scores 

Greg Wilson, Cameron Lefresne & Rob Law

Men’s Fours – Final Scores

John Bezear, Rob Law, Cameron Lefresne & Greg Wilson

For detail results and live scoring, hit the link below!

Birmingham 2022 Results – Sport – Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls

Media Kits

This Media kit outlines pertinent details and information regarding all things bowls, Commonwealth Games, and National Team Athletes accessible to public members and media personnel. 

Press here to download the PDF: Media Kit