BCB works with its Provincial Associations to identify hosts for its national championships. Using the Calendar of Events, each province is responsible for identifying an ideal club (or clubs) to host the event it is scheduled to host. If your club is interested in hosting the next national championship scheduled for your province, contact your Provincial Bowls Association, and review the Hosting Manual found here (hyperlink to hosting manual).

Benefits of hosting a national championship include:

  • Increased exposure and visibility for your club
  • Legacy items that benefit your club after the event has ended
  • Increased funding opportunities (through hosting grants, and often time provincial or local grants)
  • Access to expertise (BCB’s communications coordinator, greens advice, etc.)
  • Development opportunities (coaching courses, player development camps, officiating courses, etc.)

Increase the visibility of bowls within your community by hosting the next national championship!

Interested in hosting an international event? Contact Bowls Canada directly.