The 2024 Canadian Championships are open for bidding. Cities, clubs and provincial associations can bid on hosting the 2024 Canadian Championships – download the RFP here. Bids must be submitted by September 5, 2023 to  

Benefits of hosting a national championship include:

  • Increased exposure and visibility for your club
  • Legacy items that benefit your club after the event has ended
  • Increased funding opportunities (through hosting grants, and often time provincial or local grants)
  • Access to expertise (BCB’s communications coordinator, greens advice, etc.)
  • Development opportunities (coaching courses, player development camps, officiating courses, etc.)

Increase the visibility of bowls within your community by hosting the next national championship!

Interested in hosting an international event? Contact Bowls Canada directly.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on the bidding process to host BCB’s 2024 Championships: 

Q: What are the dates for the 2024 Championships?

Answer: Negotiable with the host, but mid-to-late August is preferred.

Q: How many athletes attend?

Answer: Depends on whether each PSO fields a full squad, but likely in the neighbourhood of 125 athletes across all disciplines.

Q: Why are hosts expected to find $30,000 in financial support?

Answer: Investing in greens and facilities is paramount to the success of the 2024 Championships and it is expected that the host will increase their typical investment in greens and facilities to ensure that the playing surface is in the best possible condition. Sourcing other equipment for the event, promoting the event appropriately, and providing additional services (e.g. medical, transportation, etc.) all come at a cost too, which is why $30,000 is expected to be sourced by the local organizers. Keep in mind that Value in Kind (VIK) can be included too!

Most provinces have provincial sport hosting grants, and cities/tourism departments can often provide support as well. With ticketing revenue, bar sales, and other local sponsorships, it is expected that the host will turn a profit for the 2024 Championships. Virtually every national championship from 2016-2022 has been profitable for the host, and this is not expected to change for 2024

Q: How many volunteers will it require to host?

Answer: This varies as it depends on how many services will be offered. It is anticipated that the host organizing committee will have at least 6 volunteers who are familiar with the host club, while the rest of the volunteer crew can be sourced from nearby clubs or through city volunteer lists. The bulk of the volunteers need not be bowlers, as ticketing, promotions, even the Chief Scorer can be trained on their duties without needing to be avid bowlers. Many cities and tourism departments have volunteer lists that can be tapped into to recruit volunteers to assist in successfully running the event. 

Q: Why would we want to host the 2024 Championships?

Answer: There are numerous reasons:

  • Profit – it is anticipated that the host club will turn a profit by hosting this event.
  • Legacy – the host club should have numerous legacies from hosting that will benefit the club and its members for year to come. Examples include updated facilities, new equipment, training of volunteers, etc.
  • Visibility – as the “Major” national championship for bowls in Canada, all eyes will be on the host club for the duration of the event. With the collaboration between the host club and the local city/municipality/tourism department, the host will see increased visibility within the geographic region that it might not otherwise see.
  • Membership/Participation – as the visibility of the club is expected to increase within the hosting region, many new, non-bowlers are expected to spectate and participate at the host club after the hosting of the Championships.