Selection Criteria

The High Performance Committee is responsible for ensuring that the selection criteria for the national High Performance Program is implemented as published.  Athletes who aspire to be in the High Performance Program must commit to the program requirements outlined in the Selection Criteria.  The selection process is open to all Canadian bowlers that meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Selection Criteria. 

Bowlers wishing to be considered for the National and Development Squads must also complete the declaration form and submit the requested materials within the time frames indicated.

Once the National and Development Squads are selected, the cycle is set for that bi-annual time period.  Athletes are only selected to these squads within the time frames outlined in the Selection Criteria and Declaration Form.  Athletes are named to the Youth Squad on a yearly cycle, based on placing in the top 4 at the Under 18 Junior and Under 25 disciplines of the Canadian Youth Championships.

2018-2020 Bi-Annual Cycle for National and Development Squads

More information on the 2018-2020 selection criteria and process is available by clicking on the links below: