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Para bowls offers opportunities for Canadians with a disability where they can play and compete in lawn bowls. A sport for all, lawn bowls offers accessible and integrated activities.

Bowlers with a visual impairment are paired with a Director who serves as an aid to help direct the bowler on aim and distance. There are many aids available for bowlers with ambulatory disabilities, including specialized delivery aids and carpets or boards for wheelchairs.

To learn more about Para Bowlers Development and The Para Bowls Long Term Development (LTD) Framework, visit our Para Bowlers Development page. 

Recently recognized as the national body for para bowls, Bowls Canada is hard at work developing programs for implementation in clubs across the country. This includes coach and volunteer training resources as well as “Learn to” programming.

Many clubs across the country are already running specific programming for bowlers with disabilities. Contact your local club to see what programming is available.

Interested in Competing? Information on the different classes of competition can be found on the Classification Page.

The Just Roll With It Para Bowls Program – Introducing Bowls to Canadians With Disabilities

The “Just Roll With It” pilot project took place in 2021 and was a nationally sanctioned and Government of Canada funded program designed to address the existing gap in coordinated lawn bowls programming for Canadians with disabilities. The goal of this pilot project was to develop programming and resources that could be implemented by any lawn bowls club wishing to offer programming for bowlers with disabilities in a safe and welcoming way. Bowls Canada partnered with two lawn bowls clubs in Canada, Commonwealth Lawn Bowls in Edmonton and Nepean Lawn Bowls in Ottawa, in order to run an adapted version of the existing Learn to Bowl program, for Canadians with disabilities.

The Just Roll With It para bowls program has officially launched nationally. All program information can be found on the Just Roll With It page.

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