The High Performance Committee oversees Bowls Canada Boulingrin’s high performance program. The High Performance Committee’s aim is to give our athletes the tools necessary to excel at the sport, give them the opportunity to compete at the international level and help them become high performance athletes with the skills, knowledge and confidence to win medals internationally.

Selection Process

The High Performance Program consists of both a men’s and women’s National Squad, Development Squad, and Youth Squad. The National and Development Squads operate on a bi-annual cycle. The Youth Squad operates on a yearly cycle, consisting of bowlers who placed in the top 4 for the Under 18 and Under 25 disciplines of the Canadian Youth Championships. For more information, click here.

National Squad Training and Competition Commitment

The members of the National Squad are required to adhere to a minimum standard of training and competition.  These athletes commit to a physiological training program designed to improve basic aerobic capacity, core strength and balance.  Additionally, National Squad athletes are expected to practice their technical and tactical skills on a consistent basis through regular year-round training.