Mission & Values

About Bowls Canada Boulingrin

Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision, mission, and values provide Bowls Canada with a foundation to identify and implement key strategies to leverage the opportunities and to minimize the risks that stand in the way of us doing so. The strategic planning process gave us the platform to renew our commitment to our mission, vision and values and to refine these statements so that they accurately reflect the work of Bowls Canada as one of Canada’s National Sport Organizations.


Bringing Canadians together through bowls.


Bowls Canada is the national organization whose mission is to advance the sport of bowls in Canada.


Bowls Canada believes in values that inspire confidence in our decisions and reflect a shared commitment and passion for growing the game of bowls. Here is our call to A.C.T.I.O.N.:

Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

When the Bowls Canada Board of Directors initiated the strategic planning process in the Autumn of 2017, they envisioned the creation of a comprehensive, relevant and updated document that built on the successes of the 2015-2018 plan.  After reviewing the 2015-2018 ‘report card’, it was clear that many of the concepts developed from the highly collaborative process in 2014 are still relevant today.

The Strategic Planning Committee used a variety of methods to gather information to help form the direction for 2019-2022, starting with the collected reflections from a series of provincial town halls that took place from October to December in 2017.  These town halls provided opportunities for local bowlers and clubs to share their concerns, challenges and successes. In order to ensure that all bowlers from across Canada had the opportunity to provide input, a survey was launched in April 2018.  More than 375 bowlers representing over 100 clubs across Canada took the opportunity to share their thoughts on what Bowls Canada initiatives and priorities would have the most positive impact on their clubs and bowling experiences.  The final methodology was a comprehensive environmental analysis where the Strategic Planning Committee examined internal and external factors that impact bowls in Canada.  This included analyzing national and global trends, as well as an in-depth review of the state of bowls in Canada and the status of the organization.

The Strategic Planning Committee used all of this information to create a dynamic, inclusive and forward thinking plan designed to advance both the organization and the state of bowls in Canada.  This plan was approved by the Board of Directors in January 2019 and shared with the members through the Presidents’ Council in February 2019.  In March 2020 the world shifted when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic.  Over the course of Spring 2020, Bowls Canada analyzed the potential impacts of the pandemic.  This included reaching out to bowls clubs across Canada to hear directly what they needed from their national association. In July 2020, an updated Strategic Plan that reflected the current realities was shared with our member associations.  The Bowls Canada Board is committed to keeping our membership updated on our progress as we work together to implement and achieve the goals and objectives outlined in this plan.

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an important tool used by Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) to guide decisions and determine priorities.  Download a copy of BCB’s current strategic plan.