Recap from the U25 Junior Indoor Championships in Scotland, UK

 For a competition start date of December 4th, 2023, Erik Galipeau from Ontario (pictured left) and Jordan Kos from Saskatchewan (pictured middle) headed to the U25 Junior Indoor Championships in Scotland, U.K. hosted by the International Indoor Bowls Council (IIBC). Also pictured is National Team Head Coach Derek Dillon who accompanied the athletes on their journey and throughout the competition! Erik and Jordan competed individually in the men’s singles and women’s singles events as well as together in the mixed pairs events.

Both athletes put up a fight at the competition with the format consisting of two 7-end sets.

Together in the Mixed Pairs event (sectional play) Galipeau and Kos won against a combined Wales/Macao team 12-1, 8-3, and fell to Australia 0-15, 5-9, as well as Ireland 2-9, 6-3, 0-1 coming in third in group C. Galipeau finished fourth in group B (sectional play), falling in tie-breakers in all three of his matches: to Macao 4-5, 4-3, 0-1, England 2-10, 7-3, 0-1, and Guernsey 6-7, 8-1, 0-1.

In recent competition news, Kos had made it to the Quarterfinals to face Guernsey’s Catherine Bonsall and fell 1-6, 7-1, 0-1. Kos earned her way to the Quarterfinals by defeating Malaysia 7-10, 6-5, 1-0, and Scotland 8-3, 7-4, while falling to Wales 8-6, 4-7, 0-1, and Ireland 4-10, 8-4, 0-1 in the round robin.

Erik and Jordan’s results are as follows:

Monday December 4th, 2023

Galipeau & Kos (Canada) vs. Parry (Wales) & Myles (Macau)

Canada (2) vs. Wales & Macu (0)


Erik Galipeau (Canada) vs. Ng Ching Yui Myles (Macau)

Canada (1) vs. Macau (2)


Jordan Kos (Canada) vs. Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi (Malaysia)

Canada (2) vs. Malaysia (1)


Jordan Kos (Canada) vs. Erin Bedwell (Scotland)

Canada (2) vs. Scotland (0)


Tuesday December 5th, 2023

Galipeau & Kos (Canada) vs. Cotell & Black (Australia)

Canada (0) vs. Australia (2)


Erik Galipeau (Canada) vs. Harry Goodwin (England)

Canada (1) vs. England (2)


Jordan Kos (Canada) vs. Lauren Gowen (Wales)

Canada (1) vs. Wales (2)


Wednesday December 6th, 2023

Galipeau & Kos (Canada) vs. O’Neill & McElroy (Ireland)

Canada (1) vs. Ireland (2)


Jordan Kos (Canada) vs. Shauna O’Neill (Ireland)

Canada (1) vs. Ireland (2)


Erik Galipeau (Canada) vs. Josh Bonsall (Guernsey)

Canada (1) vs. Guernsey (1)


Thursday December 7th, 2023

Jordan Kos (Canada) vs. Catherine Bonsall (Guernsey)

Canada (1) vs. Guernsey (2)



For standings and results:   

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