2016 Juniors & Under 25 Championships

There are many fantastic opportunities available at the 2016 Junior and Under 25 Championships. The male and female winners of the 2016 Canadian Under 25 Championships will be nominated as a Canadian entry to the 2017 World Junior Championships hosted in Queensland Australia. The Youth Development Squad will be determined […]

2016 Singles Championships

The West Vancouver Lawn Bowls Club will host the Canadian Singles Championships this year. West Vancouver LBC has a reputation for running high quality innovative competitions from the local to national level.  Co-hosts of the 2013 Canadian Lawn Bowls Championships, they pioneered online live-streaming at a […]

2016 Indoor Singles Championships

The Canadian Indoor Singles Championships are Canada’s premier indoor competition. The winners of this year’s Canadian Indoor Singles Championships will win the right to represent Canada at the 2017 World Cup in Warilla, NSW, Australia March 14 to 22, 2017.