How can I sign up as a participant in a Just Roll With It Program in my local community?

To find a club offering programming in your local community, look for the accessibility symbol on the map HERE and reach out to the club nearest you. Please note that as we work to grow this program, the accessibility symbol will be added to more and more clubs and at this time, you are welcome to reach out to any club near you to inquire about their programming for participants with disabilities.

How can my club get started with the Just Roll With It Program?

Check out the Get Your Club Started page for tips on what your club can do to get started in the program – there you will find out more about how to make your club environment more accessible, how to recruit participants and how to get your club members, volunteers and coaches ready to take part. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to Bowls Canada today for more information!

Is there a cost to my club to get started in the Just Roll With It Program?

There are no program specific fees associated with getting your club started. Costs may potentially be incurred as you work toward making your facility more accessible, investing in assistive equipment or purchasing Learn to Bowl program kits, but these may not all be required just to start opening your doors to participants with disabilities. A safe and welcoming environment for all participants is the most important thing.

Why should my club start offering programming to participants with a disability?

Your club can benefit in a number of ways by offering programming to participants with a disability. These may include enhanced inclusivity and accessibility for all members of the club, a potential for growth and diversification of your club membership, a potential increase in revenues and greater awareness, respect and levels of comfort interacting with participants with disabilities can be developed by your club members.  

Does my club require specialized equipment to run this type of programming?

No, specialized equipment is not required to run this program. A list of assistive equipment and modifications to mobility devices can be recommended to make the activity more enjoyable for the participant while also allowing for better protection of the greens – check them out here: Tips for Facility Adaptations and Assistive Equipment.

Where can my club go to apply for grants to purchase assistive devices or make our facility more accessible?

Many opportunities exist across Canada for local clubs to pursue grants and funding in order to make their facilities and equipment more accessible. Check out your provincial government website for potential grant options or other provincial organizations, for example, the Ontario Trillium Foundation or the Disability Alliance of BC, both of which offer grants that can be applied for for these purposes. Many of these same types of organizations operate in other provinces as well. Funding may also be available at a more local level and so do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your options with your municipal government or local politicians.

Are there local organizations working with participants with disabilities that my club can partner with for support and recruitment?

Yes, working with these organizations that support persons with disabilities can certainly help in your promotion of bowls as a fun, safe, outdoor activity. You can look to local disability sport organizations for support (such as wheelchair, deaf, blind, cerebral palsy, and/or para sport organizations), municipal inclusive recreation departments, medical professionals (physical or occupational therapists, early intervention specialists, rehabilitation centres) and even other local clubs offering para sport programming in a different sport.

What opportunities can my club and our participants be introduced to through the Just Roll With It Program?

Your club and participants can be introduced to higher levels of competition in the world of para bowls if that is something you wish to pursue. Bowls Canada is introducing the inaugural Para Bowls National Championship in 2022 where bowlers can test their skills against others from across the country. Para bowls is played competitively on the international scene. A Para Bowls World Championship and a Para Bowls event staged within the Commonwealth Games highlight the highest level of competition in the sport.

How can I become a coach or volunteer in the Just Roll With It Program?

Bowls Canada has developed specialized training for both coaches and volunteers that aims to educate on how to best deliver quality, positive bowls programming to athletes with disabilities and how to make a club environment safe, welcoming and inclusive to all. Check out our Resources page for more information on how to access this training.