2014 Canadian Championships

2014 Canadian Lawn Bowling Championships will be held this year in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The host clubs for this year will be the St. James LBC and Norwood LBC.  Both clubs feature great and competitive greens which should play well for this prestigious event.

Juniors & Under 25 Championships 2014

Canadian Under 25 lawn bowlers will have two international events to qualify for this year at the championships in Etobicoke, Ontario in August. Due to the short separation of dates, spots at both the 2014 and 2015 events will be up for grabs in Etobicoke. A 2014 […]

Singles Championships

Greetings from the Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club, Host of the 2014 Canadian Singles Championships. We are thrilled to be hosting this event. We intend to hold an exciting championship for the competitors participating from across the country. We look forward to hosting you here at the […]