Resources available on mandating COVID-19 vaccination within the lawn bowling environment

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Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to protect your health. Health Canada has produced numerous web pages and resources confirming the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines that have been approved for use in Canada. While we strongly recommend that everyone get their COVID-19 vaccine, there are some instances where it may not be possible for individuals to do so. These instances, such as pre-existing conditions, disability, or creed (religion) to name a few, are protected under human rights legislation. In other words, accommodations must be made for those unable to be vaccinated. Mandating that a person be vaccinated without such accommodations could amount to discrimination under human rights legislation. While the Canadian Human Rights Act applies to federally organized activities, each province has their own anti-discrimination laws that apply provincially. In order to ensure that mandating vaccination as a requirement is legal, you will need to confirm with your Provincial Human Rights Agency.

BCB does not condone discrimination in any form. As such, we advocate that accommodations be made wherever possible to allow any Canadian to participate regardless of their vaccination status.

Due to the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 and vaccine requirements, provincial and federal authorities are continually updating guidelines as emerging data becomes available. BCB will continue to monitor the situation and update our members as more details are made available. Please visit Bowls Canada’s Covid-19 Resource page to learn more about mandating vaccinations within the lawn bowling environment.

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