Pat Vos, Just Roll With It Pilot Program Coordinator, Commonwealth Lawn Bowling






Blaine Phillips, President, Nepean Lawn Bowling Club






Testimonials from Just Roll With It Pilot Program Participants:

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. My daughter has participated and talked about going bowling with her friend to this day. Being outside is so nice. She made new friends and had a great time. We hope to join again this year. The volunteers are amazing and patient. The way they respect and accept the participants and help them have success.” – Joan G., Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club

Our daughter enjoyed her very first lawn bowl experience last summer – thank you for a fun & safe outdoor activity!” – Carine L., Nepean Lawn Bowls Club

“My husband and I took part in the Learn to bowl program. It was the first time since my husband’s stroke that he felt he could actively take part in a sport and really feel comfortable and normal. The wheelchair ramps were great which made the experience streamless. The volunteers were patient,  friendly and very encouraging.  Overall a great experience and introduction to a new sport that we hope to continue.” – Diane B., Nepean Lawn Bowls Club

“The program volunteers were enthusiastic, friendly and patient with the participants – keen to share their knowledge of the game and encourage the newcomers.  Our daughter’s wheelchair was easily accommodated.” – Robin W., Nepean Lawn Bowls Club

“I had fun and I liked that they were ok if we missed the jack.” – Leah B., age 7, Nepean Lawn Bowls

“The instructors and volunteers were super helpful and kept the individuals busy with drills & games. More importantly, the club members created a positive atmosphere through equality and focusing on having fun. Quickly learned the game by listening to the coach’s tips and lots of practice time” – Tim Y., Commonwealth Lawn Bowls

More testimonials to come shortly.