About the Just Roll With It Program, a Para Bowls Program

Everyone has ability! Para bowls offers opportunities for Canadians with a disability where they can play and compete in lawn bowls. A sport for all, lawn bowls offers accessible and integrated activities. 

In 2021, Bowls Canada piloted the “Just Roll With It” program in two clubs and following that success launched the program nationally. Bowls Canada encourages clubs to get involved to build more accessible and inclusive programming within their community.

The Just Roll With It website is your source for all information about lawn bowls for participants with disabilities. It contains resources and tools for both clubs and participants who want more information or who are looking to find ways to get involved. 

Check out the Just Roll With It Poster for the who, what, where, when, why, how of the program.

Benefits of the Just Roll With It Program

For Participants

  • A quality sport environment for all participants
  • Low impact opportunity for physical activity for participants living with disabilities
  • Social and psychological benefits of participation (social interaction, independence, achievement)
  • Competitive opportunities and a para bowls pathway to further development

For Clubs

  • Enhanced inclusivity and accessibility for all
  • Growth and diversification of your club membership
  • Training and educational opportunities for your club members, program volunteers and coaches
  • No program fees to implement the program and affordable recommendations for adaptations