Winnipeg Manitoba to Host 2015 Canadian Singles Championship

Winnipeg, Manitoba | December 19, 2014 Canada Boulingrin is excited to announce that Winnipeg, Manitoba will be the host of the 2015 Canadian Singles Championship.  The Championship, originally scheduled for June 21st to 27th, 2015 will now take place September 5th to 10th, 2015. The change in date will allow more time to work on the greens and ensure they are championship quality.  The Championship will be hosted between three clubs and unite the entire community, Norwood, St. John’s and Tuxedo Lawn Bowling Club will be the venues for the competition.

After learning Winnipeg was selected to host the event, Marilyn Baron, president of Bowls Manitoba was thrilled; “Manitoba is very pleased to be hosting the Canadian Singles in September.  We look forward to having athletes and visitors from every province attend and are excited to have such great host clubs for the event”. 

The Co-Chairs for the Championship are John Bjornson and Phil Clark, both men have been working together with Winnipeg and Manitoba to ensure the event goes smoothly.  When a lack of identified host caused the bidding for the 2015 Canadian Singles Championship to be opened up to all provinces this fall, Bowls Manitoba stepped forward with their innovative proposal.  Bowls Canada Boulingrin is looking forward to collaborating with Bowls Manitoba to ensure a successful championship in Winnipeg and thank them for taking initiative. It is sure to be a tremendous event.

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Katie Gardner
Technical Coordinator, Bowls Canada Boulingrin

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