2016 Consolidated Conditions of Play Updates

Ottawa, Ontario | May 9th, 2016

The 2016 Consolidated Conditions of Play have been updated for this season and are available on the Bowls Canada website at: https://bowlscanada.com/en/championship/conditions.html

The updates in the document have been highlighted in yellow and include the updated date of [04/16] for easier reference.  While all bowlers should read the document in its entirety, some of the more substantial updates include:

  • Eligibility residence clarification;
  • Final entry deadline date of 21 days;
  • Substitution clarification;
  • Process regarding forfeited games has been clarified;
  • Updated dress code clarifications;
  • Tie breakers will be settled on the green;
  • Senior Triples eligibility age is confirmed at 60 years old;
  • Juniors will play to 18 shots, Under 25’s will still play to 21 shots;
  • A time limit has been added to the Junior and Under 25 Championships round robin play;
  • No electronic devices of any kind on the green during championship play, including trial ends.

For more information, please contact:
Katie Gardner, Technical Coordinator, Bowls Canada Boulingrin

About Bowls Canada Boulingrin
Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada.  The BCB mission is to advance the sport of bowls in Canada.  For more details on Bowls Canada Boulingrin and the sport of lawn bowls, visit www.bowlscanada.com