A Bold New Vision: Bowls Canada Launches New Strategic Plan

Ottawa, ON | May 1, 2019

Bowls Canada unveils a bold new vision with the launch of the 2019-2022 strategic plan: 
Bringing Canadians Together Through Bowls


The new vision represents the belief that the Canadian bowls club can and should be a connecting force within a local community.  A place where Canadians can gather to enjoy physical activity, comradery and social interaction.  While the facility is united around a green, the concept of the bowls club is so much more.  As a central gathering place for a community, it is place where neighbors gather, a hub for volunteerism and the heart of a community.


Bringing Canadians Together Through Bowls: A Strategic Plan 2019-2022 outlines a three-year plan to empower local clubs through national leadership and resource development.  It recognizes that there is a place for national leadership and development to assist bowls clubs in delivering quality sport experiences that meet the new and rigorous safe sport standards. 


Significant input was collected to ensure that the 2019-2022 plan and vision met the needs of bowlers and clubs across Canada.  A series of provincial town halls took place from October to December in 2017 to provide opportunities for local bowlers and clubs to share their concerns, challenges and successes.  Through an online survey, more than 375 bowlers representing over 100 clubs across Canada took the opportunity to share their thoughts on which of Bowls Canada’s initiatives and priorities would have the most positive impact on their clubs and bowling experiences.  A comprehensive environmental analysis examined internal and external factors that impact bowls in Canada including national and global trends.


While the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan incorporates successful strategies of past plans, it also strikes out in new directions.  The theme of collaboration and the intentional focus on empowering local clubs through national development and distribution of resources is woven throughout the document.  Ian Howard, Bowls Canada President and member of the Strategic Planning Committee is confident that this plan will contribute to stimulating growth from coast to coast.  “I am excited that this plan will lead to many more exceptional bowls experiences across Canada and will empower clubs and provincial associations to continue bringing Canadians together through bowls”.  


Anna Mees, Bowls Canada Executive Director, is also excited by this new vision. “I believe that the 2019-2022 strategic plan has the potential to unite Canadian bowlers in a common vision and direction.”  Recognizing the reality that as a non-Olympic sport, Bowls Canada will never receive the funding and attention seen by the likes of Curling, Hockey or Soccer, Mees is not daunted.  “I have confidence in the power of this new plan.  We have the strength of a tremendous membership.  Working together we can find creative and strategic ways to maximize our resources and achieve our goals to ensure that bowls thrives in the Canadian landscape for many years to come.”

Read the document in its entirety here.


Bringing Canadians Together Through Bowls: A Strategic Plan 2019-2022 was made possible thanks to the efforts of Strategic Planning Committee members David Calam (Saskatchewan), Ian Howard (Ontario), Jennifer MacDonald (Alberta), Rob Law (Manitoba), Jeff Harding (Ontario), Anna Mees (BCB) and Wayne Hatt (British Columbia).


For more information, please contact:
Anna Mees, Executive Director, Bowls Canada Boulingrin

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