Bowls Canada Boulingrin seeks host venue for 2017 outdoor Canadian Open Singles Championship

Ottawa, Ontario | July 28th, 2016

Bowls Canada Boulingrin is seeking interested lawn bowls clubs to submit a proposal to host the 2017 Canadian Open Singles Championships.

This event is comprised of an open Men’s and Women’s Singles Championships and is typically staged over a five day period with a practice day preceding the event.  Both the Men’s Championships and the Women’s Championships event are played as round robins within equal sections of eight, wherever possible.   Over the past three years, this event has seen an average of 40 male competitors and 25 female competitors. Conditions of Play are available at

Dates for this event are set at September 4 -9, 2017.

Interested clubs are invited to submit a proposal detailing how they will meet the basic requirements outlined below.  A detailed Host Reference Guide is available upon request to the Bowls Canada office at .

Clubs within close proximity to each other are encouraged to submit joint proposals.

Venue Structure

  1. Provision of four (4) greens conforming to the World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls.  While four greens are preferred, three greens may be considered depending on the number of hours of daylight or availability of green lighting. The recommended green speed is 12 seconds (or faster) timed over a distance of 27 meters from the mat line.  Venue consideration will be based primarily on green speed and quality.  Greens are expected to be cut, or cut and rolled prior to commencement of play each day. Qualified indoor greens or outdoor artificial surface greens shall be considered.
  2. Availability of appropriate venues – e.g.,  access to shelter, clubhouse, space for opening and closing ceremonies, facilities for meals during event, etc.


Organization of the Event

  1. Appointment of a Host Organizing Committee to plan and implement the Event. 
    1. The organizing committee will operate from shortly after acceptance of the bid until finalization of all affairs relating to the Event
    2.  The organizing committee shall liaise with the Technical Coordinator of Bowls Canada during this period.
    3. The organizing committee shall deal with all matters relating to the Event in collaboration with Bowls Canada Boulingrin; 
  1. Provision of qualified Markers. 
    1. While it is the responsibility of the Host Organizing Committee to recruit qualified, capable and knowledgeable markers, there is some financial assistance available from Bowls Canada to run a marker training clinic.
    2. The Head Event Umpire will be appointed by Bowls Canada Boulingrin for the Championships.

Infrastructure and Management

  1. Players and team support staff are responsible for their own transportation, however, bids that include the coordination of transportation will be favoured;
  2. Provision of lunch at the Venue during the Event for players and accredited officials plus light evening meal should evening play be necessary;
  3. Exclusive access to the Venue during the 6 days of practice and play is required;
  4. The ability to organize and allocate an adequate and reasonably costed local accommodation for players, team manager, umpires and guests (distance to be no more than a 30 minute drive to venue(s));
  5. Provision of changing rooms and secure area for players/officials to store bowls and equipment;
  6. Provision of toilet facilities for players, personnel and spectators;
  7. Provision of first aid services/personnel at the Venue;
  8. Production of an official Event Programme in liaison with Bowls Canada Technical Coordinator in relation to certain content required by Bowls Canada;
  9. Availability of an Event office, which must be free from outside interference, and include equipment/connections, computer, printer and photocopying facilities, with adequate phone and internet;
  10. Ability to organize opening and closing ceremonies in collaboration with Bowls Canada Boulingrin;
  11. Ability to supply all equipment required in field of play, i.e. mats, jacks, scoreboards, scoring indicators, bowls pushers, etc.;
  12. Availability of space to appropriately display signage at Venue;
  13. Availability of facilities required in relation to any drug testing arrangements should this be required;
  14.  Organize a welcoming function. The host shall be responsible for the cost if not sponsored
  15. Coordination of any other social event will be the responsibility of the host;
  16. Coordination of adequate event and public liability insurance in consultation with Bowls Canada Boulingrin;

The hosting of the Canadian Singles Championship is a joint venture between Bowls Canada Boulingrin and the Host Organizing Committee of the Singles Championships supported by the Provincial Association. 

Bowls Canada Boulingrin will provide the Canadian Singles Host Organizing Committee with a hosting grant to be used to help support the Championships.