Canada Continues Play at the Champion of Champions

Posted date: November 26, 2013

Canada has gotten their first victories of the 2013 Champion of Champions event in New Zealand.  This victory came from Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong as she defeated Jessica Sims of Wales.  Fitzpatrick-Wong won in a third set tiebreak (9-8,7-8,4-0).

In her other games of the day, Fitzpatrick-Wong lost tough matches to Zimbabwe (4-12,3-10) and Malta (3-11,6-9)

After today’s game’s, Fitzpatrick-Wong currently sits at 1-4.  Upcoming games include Australia (5-0), Fiji (2-3) & China (1-4).

On the Men’s side,  Jeff Harding has also captured his first victory of the competition.  Harding came away with a decisive straight sets victory over Ozkan Akar of Turkey (9-8,8-6) .  Harding followed that up with a tough straight sets loss to Zimbabwe (2-12, 7-7).

Next up for Harding (1-4) are matches against Macau (1-3), Australia (5-0) and Ireland (4-1).

For full results and standings, head over to the official 2013 Champion of Champions website