Thoughts on 2014 from Bowls Canada Boulingrin

Posted date: 2014-02-07

With one month of the new year behind us, it seems appropriate to both reflect on accomplishments and to look forward to opportunities.

We are in a different era of doing business with a new national Not-For-Profit Act and changed criteria defining how our funding partner Sport Canada will recognize national sports. 

Last year was not without its trials.  Declining membership, staff changes, governance transitions, not meeting Sport Canada’s new definition of a national sport due to gaps in high performance programming, and being flagged by Canada’s Department of Official Languages for non-compliance to bilingualism standards were among those trials that tested the mettle of our organization.

Despite this adversity, the Board and office staff worked hard on behalf of the membership to position the organization to better meet the challenges of this new world.  There have been many successes that we can celebrate from 2013:  

  • Completion of a Competition Review that looked to better align national competitions with long-term athlete development (LTAD)
  • An outstanding Canadian Majors Championship that showed us the potential of future national Bowls championship events.
  • An extremely successful inaugural Singles Championship event that was born out of the LTAD Competition Review.
  • Completion of the new Not-For-Profit Act requirements and the successful filing of our corporate letters.
  • New Board job descriptions to align with the transition to an expert policy board which will make Board recruitment more transparent for 2014.
  • Updated and approved terms of reference for the HPC and Coaching Committee that clearly demonstrate accountability and align with the new governance structure.
  • A new look for with an updated dynamic logo.
  • Communication in both languages is becoming standardized and has moved off the Official Languages Department ‘red flag’ list.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the Majors was conducted and a new Competitions committee was struck to continue improving national competitions.
  • Great strides were made towards closing the high performance programming gaps outlined by Sport Canada including the hiring of an HP Consultant and the formalization of a National Coach position.
  • Initiation of a long-term HP strategy that will incorporate LTAD and athlete succession planning.

2014 brings many exciting opportunities.  Paramount on the world stage will be the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.  Closer to home, has already begun work to start the new year off with a bang.  In this quarter alone we have the following to look forward to:


  • Coaching Update Session in Toronto, ON that will build capacity throughout the country for coach development


  • High Performance Squad and Commonwealth Games Team selection camp that will see the implementation of a transparent and strategically aligned selection criteria.
  • Finalization of the updated navigation of the website and a scheduled launch before the end of March ….. in both official languages.


  • A Tiger Bowls team that makes good on BCB’s commitment to a Junior Development program
  • Launch of a new online store in partnership with Kukri

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, March will also see the execution of a National Summit that will engage the membership, build capacity, and set on a strategic planning path that will allow us to not only weather the changing environment, but to thrive and grow.  To prepare for the National Summit, we will be reaching out to the membership in February through the Provincial Associations.  Stay tuned to the website and Facebook page for more details.

It is clear that 2014 will not be without its challenges.  However, we take heart in knowing that the warning shots fired across our bow in 2013 will have served to better prepare us to adapt and grow. We know the strength of any national organization is its people and it is clear that the membership of has a considerable depth of expertise and skill.  By working together we can create the path that will lead us to success in 2014 and beyond.

The future is bright indeed and we look forward to shaping it with all of you!


Ian Tyzzer Anna Mees

Ian Tyzzer                  

Anna Mees
Executive Director