Canada looks for repeat victory at NAC

Vancouver, B.C. | Sept. 27th, 2016

NAC 2016Canada has a wide range of experience on this year’s North American Challenge (NAC) team as it looks to veteran bowlers for leadership in a repeat victory against the United States of America (U.S.A). 

The experience varies from youth bowlers to world class international medalists. “I am excited about the opportunity to lead a group of young and talented women into this tournament against our friends from the United States,”  said Winnipeg’s Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, 2002 Commonwealth Games silver medalist. 

“It is an honour to be able to represent your country, but to be able to do it playing alongside your father, is pretty special,” said 21 year-old Adam McKerihen of Halifax, son of Steve McKerihen, a six-time NAC champion. This is Adam’s first North American Challenge.

The 2016 NAC will take place at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club (PIBC), located in Vanouver, British Columbia. Each country fields two teams in the biannual challenge match: a Jarvis team and a Folkins team.  Each team consists of five male and five female athletes.

This is the first NAC played at an indoor location. Both nations wanted a faster paced playing surface to match the quicker outdoor greens of the Southern Hemisphere as the World Championships are set to be played in Christchurch, New Zealand Nov.29 to Dec. 11, 2016.

Team Canada 2016

Women’s Team

Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong – Folkins

Joanna Cooper – Jarvis

Jordan Kos – Folkins

Nicole LeBlanc – Jarvis

Jaymee Sidel – Folkins

Sue Roth – Jarvis

Baylee Van Steijn – Folkins

Jenny Siu – Jarvis

Pricilla Westlake – Folkins

Stirling Wood – Jarvis

Men’s Team

Pat Bird – Folkins

Lucas Caldwell – Jarvis

Darryl Fitzgerald – Folkins

Adam McKerihen –Jarvis

Owen Kirby – Folkins

Steve McKerihen – Jarvis

Rob Law – Folkins

Kody Olthof – Jarvis

Chris Stadnyk – Folkins

Steven Santana – Jarvis

United States of America Team 2016

Women’s Team

Margi Rambo – Folkin

Anne Nunes – Jarvis

Anna Witt – Folkin

Kimberly Heiser – Jarvis

Linda Roberts – Folkin

Janice Bell – Jarvis

Alice Birkinshaw – Folkin

Michele Arculli – Jarvis

Alexis Vanden Bos – Folkin

Candace DeFazio – Jarvis

Men’s Team

Bill Brault – Folkins

Tony Baer – Jarvis

James Flower – Folkins

Matt Bauchiero – Jarvis

Charlie Herbert – Folkins

Phil Dunn – Jarvis

Sean McMorris – Folkins

Grant Shear – Jarvis

Brian Stewart – Folkins

Kay Tong – Jarvis

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