Canadian Youth Age Limits amended for 2018: Bowler Development Task Force to be Struck in Fall

Ottawa, Ontario | June 19, 2018

Canadian Youth Championships Age Limits Amended for 2018
Bowls Canada’s Canadian Youth Championships align with the international World Youth Championship by making the Under 25 category of the Canadian event a qualifier for the international event. Currently, World Bowls defines their age category by the start of the event, which changes from year to year.   With the recent collaboration of World Bowls and the World Indoor Bowls Council (newly named International Indoor Bowls Council), World Bowls is currently undergoing their own competition review. Although they had hoped to have it completed by April, it is clearly a little more complex than they had anticipated. With no World Youth Event being confirmed at this point, there is a need to immediately clarify an age limit for the 2018 Canadian Youth Championships. As such, the BCB Board has approved the following amendments to the 2018 Conditions of Play, regarding Youth age eligibility:

  • For the Under 18 event, participants must be at least 12 years of age at the start of the Canadian Youth Championships and not be 18 as of January 1, 2018.
  • For the Under 25 event, participants must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the Canadian Youth Championships and not be 25 as of December 31, 2018.

In the event that there is not an international youth event for which the Under 25 winners are age eligible that takes place prior to the 2019 Canadian Youth Championships, an alternative event will be identified in conjunction with the recommendation of the BCB High Performance Committee.

Bowler Development Task Force to establish National Recommendations
The uncertainty of scheduling for a World Bowls youth event makes it difficult for both BCB and Provincial Bowls Associations to establish clear guidelines for youth competition age limits.  With the completion of the national competition review, and a beginner bowler program currently in the piloting phase, Bowls Canada will be moving up the next phase for bowler development programming.  In the autumn of 2018, Bowls Canada will be striking a task force to look at setting national recommendations to help close the programming gap between bowlers who are new to the sport, and those aspiring to compete at the national level.

In addition to skill development programming, this working group will also look at establishing national recommendations for regional competitions. This includes the establishment of clear recommendations for specific skill-based categories that align with the BCB long-term athlete development framework as well as making recommendations on a national framework for youth specific competition categories. Provincial associations could use the recommendations from this working group as a baseline for regional programming. 

Jake Schuknecht, Bowls Development Officer for BCB, will be working with the Provincial Bowls Associations to establish this working group over the summer months.   

For more information, please contact:
Jake Schuknecht, Bowls Development Officer

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