Positions for 2016 World Bowls announced

Ottawa, Ontario | Oct. 3rd, 2016

Bowls Canada Boulingrin is pleased to announce Team Canada’s player positions for the 2016 World Bowls Championships in New Zealand.

Women’s Singles:

Kelly McKerihen

Women’s Pairs:

Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, Jacqueline Foster

Women’s Triples:

Kelly McKerihen, Leanne Chinery , Pricilla Westlake

Women’s Fours:

Leanne Chinery, Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, Jackie Foster, Pricilla Westlake


Men’s Singles:

Ryan Bester

Men’s Pairs:

Ryan Bester, Steven Santana

Men’s Triples:

Steve McKerihen, Cameron Lefresne, Ryan Stadnyk

Men’s Fours:

Steve McKerihen, Cameron Lefrense, Steven Santana, Ryan Stadnyk

The team will be supported by BCB High Perfomance Director Macky Singh and Managers Jean Roney and Don Caswell.

The 2016 World Bowls Championships will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand from November 29th – December 11th.  The Championships will begin with Men’s Pairs and Triples as well as, Women’s Singles and Fours.  On December 6th, the second half of the Championships will begin with Men’s Singles and Fours and Women’s Pairs and Triples. 

Teams will be divided into two sections where play will be used to determine ranking in each section. Players are awarded three points for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss.  The winner of section one will progress to semi-final one and the winner of section two will progress to semi-final two. The second and third placed teams from each section will be randomly drawn into two post-sectional playoff matches, game A and game B. The winner of game A will progress to semi-final 1, the winner of game B will progress to semi-final 2. The winners of each semi-final will play off in the final for the gold and silver medals. The losers of both semi-finals will be awarded bronze medals.

For more information on World Bowls Championships please visit: http://www.worldbowls2016.com/Category?Action=View&Category_id=89

For more information, please contact:
Katie Gardner, Communications and Promotions Manager, Bowls Canada Boulingrin

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