Request for Proposals – Club Development eLearning Module

Ottawa (ON)

Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure professional eLearning design and development services for a new Club Development eLearning module series.

Club Development eLearning Modules

About the Club Development eLearning Modules

  • The Club Development eLearning modules are being developed to help fill the education gap in the area of bowls club governance and provide an opportunity for lawn bowling Board members to learn how to effectively govern their bowls clubs. The primary audience will be individuals in the senior age demographic.
  • The project will entail working with the Project Manager and a review team at BCB to design and develop two (2) eLearning modules in English along with the corresponding French versions, as well as incorporate changes as defined by the review team.
  • Each eLearning module is to take approximately 30 minutes to complete.
  • Progress can be saved by the user so that they may stop and return to it at a later time.
  • The eLearning modules are to be offered in both English and French and must meet BCB’s standards for eLearning in terms of diversity & inclusion, accessibility, and portability to mobile devices.
  • The eLearning modules are to be housed on and accessed via BCB’s Content Hosting System.
  • This project is being supported by the New Horizons for Seniors Program grant. The eLearning modules must include Government of Canada recognition, and be vetted by appropriate Government employees prior to launch. 
  • All eLearning modules must be completed, approved and available by March 31, 2022.

Project Scope

The eLearning modules must be developed in English and French. The French translation will be provided to the successful developer. Other considerations include:

  • The successful developer must be available from September 24 – April 1, 2022.
  • The successful developer will have access to the Project Manager, and a Government employee responsible for approving New Horizons for Seniors projects and/or marketing
  • English content will be provided to the developer by September 24, 2021. French content is to be provided by December 15, 2021. See “Project Timeline” below.
  • BCB is receptive to ideas for activities within eLearning modules and these should be included in your proposal submission.

    Project Timeline

    Below are BCB’s projected timelines and will adjust to accommodate circumstances that may arise:

    RFP Deadline of submissions

    September 17, 2021

    Developer selected

    September 24, 2021

    Content development (by BCB)

    September 24, 2021

    eLearning module development

    February 15, 2022

    Full launch and public release 

    March 31, 2022


    Note regarding translation: Final storyboard content will be translated by a third-party organization contracted by BCB. Copyright of all eLearning module materials resides with Bowls Canada Boulingrin.

    Developer’s Responsibilities

    The successful eLearning module developer will be responsible for:

    • Project management as it relates to the analysis and eLearning design plan, instructional design, graphic design and storyboard development, and technical production of the eLearning modules, prototype development and testing;
    • Completing the instructional design to enable the above outlined learning objectives, using content provided by BCB;
    • Adhering to BCB’s content hosting requirements and technical requirements;
    • Ensuring the entire eLearning module meets the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA:, and WCAG 2.1 Level AA (;
    • Ensuring the entire eLearning modules follow BCB’s branding guidelines and the Content Style Guide;
    • Ensuring the eLearning modules provide appropriate Government of Canada recognition by working with a pre-determined Government employee to meet minimum requirements of a federally-funded project.
    • Delivery of all source files and assets to BCB, including a single PDF document that shows all content for at-a-glance reference and future template for revisions;
    • The final deliverable will be xAPI or SCORM 1.2 compliant files that will be posted on BCB’s Hosting System.

      Proposal Guidelines

      This RFP represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. Proposals will be accepted until September 17, 2021, 20:00 ET. Your proposal must include, at a minimum:

      • Experience/background;
      • Pricing profile for all aspects of the project;
      • Hourly rate for subsequent work;
      • Samples of previous work, unless previously submitted; and
      • Contact information for 2 References, unless previously submitted.

      All fees must be itemized to include an explanation of all fees. Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder for this RFP. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by BCB and will include scope, budget, schedule, and other necessary items pertaining to the project.

      Deadline for Submission

      • Questions for the RFP will be answered until September 16, 2021. To ensure a fair and transparent process, questions and answers will be shared with all parties asked to participate in this process, or may have already submitted a proposal. Please direct questions to Jake Schuknecht at
      • Submissions must be received before 20:00, EDT, on September 17, 2021, and emailed to the attention of Jake Schuknecht at
      • Proposals will be evaluated during the period of September 20-23, 2021, which could also include a follow-up with shortlisted candidates. Elements of the proposals that will be evaluated (but not limited to), include:
        • Expertise/qualifications;
        • Creative approach and direction;
        • Ability to meet BCB’s standards, and all standards noted in this document;
        • Project budget and costs;
        • Ability to manage the project within stated timelines.
      • The selected developer will be notified by September 24, 2021.

      About BCB

        Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada. Our mission is to advance the sport, while our vision is to Bring Canadians Together Through Bowls. BCB is committed to maintaining an environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all volunteers and employees. Our ACTION organizational values are at the core of everything we do.