Winners Announced in MVP Sports Raffle

Ottawa, Ontario | October 30, 2014 Canada and MVP Sports are thrilled to announce the winners of the U25 raffle draw.  The draw was done by Dan and Brenda Milligan, co-founders and owners of MVP Sports.  Not only do they put on the raffle and providing the prizes, MVP Sports is also the official sponsor of the Canadian Juniors and Under 25 Championships.  In addition to the dedication and enthusiasm towards our four champions, MVP Sports has shown continued support to Bowls Canada and young developing high performance bowlers.

The raffle was created to help raise funds for our national U25 athletes competing at the World Junior Championships in Queensland, Australia.  This year, close to $2400 was raised, making it the best to date.  “Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all those who purchased a ticket in support of our Canadian U25 Juniors” said Dan Milligan, “the players will no doubt appreciate the extra funds made available through this draw towards their training and international competitions”.

Canadian athletes attending the 2014 World Junior Championships in Australia are Stirling Wood of Midland, Ontario and Grant Wilkie of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Pricilla Westlake of Vancouver, BC and Jake Schuknecht of Chesley, ON will be representing Canada at the 2015 World Junior Championships.
The raffle results are:

1st Prize – 1 set of Taylor Colour Bowls – Fran Marsh – ticket # 104

2nd Prize – 1 set of Taylor Black Bowls – Ron O’Sullivan – ticket # 399

3rd Prize – 1 Red Taylor Mini Trolley – Martin Foxhall – ticket # 439

4th Prize – 1 MVP Sports Ubi_Launcher™  – B Van Walleghem – ticket # 263

5th Prize  – 1 MVP Sports Gift Pack – Glen Monk – ticket #264

About MVP Sports   
MVP Sports is Canada’s leading Lawn Bowls equipment distributor since 1985.  MVP Sports brings in top quality bowls and accessories from Taylor Bowls of Scotland, makers of the World’s most popular bowl… the ACE! MVP Sports is also the Sole Canadian Distributor and Stockist for Dales Sports Surfaces, England… manufacturers of the world’s popular Verdemat and Champion 30′ Carpet and 45′ Short Mats. MVP Sports is the developer and worldwide distributors of the Canadian made bowls delivery aid, the Ubi_Launcher 

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